Byron Babymoon recommends Active Birth Positions

Active Birth Positions are a fantastic way of making your labour significantly easier and shorter as gravity and movement help your baby move down the birth canal. Active labour and birth positions open your pelvis, make therefore more room for baby and it's possible no matter where you birth, in a hospital, birth center or at home. Active Labour and Birth Positions can also be taken if you need to be monitored/attached to a machine. Recent studies show that birthing your baby in an upright position reduces the need for an epidural by 21%. Isn't that incredible?!

Byron Babymoon recommends these active birthing positions for you:

  • Standing up and circling hips
  • Standing up & leaning over the bed or lean into your birth partner's arms. Sway or circle hips
  • On all 4s circling or rocking hips side to side
  • Sitting on fit ball rocking back and forth or circling hips
  • Squatting and rocking hips side to side
  • Standing up, your partner or support person behind you holding you. You can bend your knees and sway from side to side
  • Kneeling and leaning forwards, circling or swaying your hips
  • Sitting backwards on chair leaning forwards .

If you like to read more about Active Birthing Positions and its benefits, you can find fantastic information on Evidence Based Birth. In our Byron Bay based Birth Preparation Sessions & Babymoon Retreats, I teach lots of Active Birth Positions that will help birth your baby naturally and the way you want. Please contact Anna for more info.

Active Birth Positions
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