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Birth Resources

I would love for you to have access to my preferred birth, postpartum and motherhood resources that I have compiled since falling pregnant with my first baby 9 years ago. Below are a number of Australian owned companies that offer birth resources, products and services. You can contact me at any time if you are after any other Birth Resources.
Please know that I am in no paid partnership with any of the businesses listed - I simply love them as a mother and birth worker.

Birth Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great tool for any expectant mama to enter their birth space with calmness & positivity. Uniquely designed and written, they can be used as part of one’s daily ritual to set a positive mantra to focus on your journey ahead.

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Birth Affirmations, I am calm I am present, My baby is surrounded by strength and positivity, I am ready for our first embrace

Set of 24 Birth Affirmation Cards by Mama & Munchkin

Birth Podcasts

Listening to positive birth stories is one of the best ways to reframe your mind and start feeling excited & confident about birth. Personally, I love Positive Birth Australia, which you can listen to on Spotify, or iTunes. More positive Australian Birth Stories can also be read and heard here. Enjoy!

Baby Products

I absolutely adore Snotty Noses for my own kids as they have everything you can possibly need for your baby. Did you know there is a teething necklace for mum so that baby can chew on it whilst in your arms? I remember my own kids constantly wanting to chew on my hair (ehhh gross!) or silver necklace, so a teething silicone one is a much better choice. We also love Jack N Jill's nasty free toothpaste and please do let me know how you like their Snotty Boss, a battery powered snot sucker - it's life changing!