Byron Bay Hypnobirthing

Private & Group Hypnobirthing courses that empower you to feel prepared and excited about your birth. Reframe your perception of labour pain & learn active birth techniques that will help you cope well with the sensations of labour.

Byron Bay Hypnobirthing

Do you feel unsure what to expect from birth? Or perhaps even a little bit worried? Or maybe you’ve given birth before and are hoping for a different outcome this time. My Private and Group Hypnobirthing Courses in Byron Bay will help you feel confident in your choices and options, no matter how your birth unfolds.

After your Hypnobirthing course you’ll have a good understanding of your body’s physiology, you will know about your rights options within the Australian Maternity Care system and you will feel confident in using natural techniques that will help you cope really well with the sensations of labour. After completing our course your partner will know how to support you during birth.

And don’t worry, I won’t hypnotise you in our classes – Hypnobirthing teaches a form of self hypnosis that allows your body & mind to relax deeply and quickly as you practice our techniques in your own time.

Get in touch with Anna via email or on 0415 401742 today to find out more

What my clients say about working with me

“Anna completely transformed mine and my husband’s view of labour. She taught us so much priceless information. Who would have thought that after two days someone’s perspective shifts, I could be EXCITED for labour! We left feeling empowered with a much clearer understanding of the whole process. Thank you Anna, you are AMAZING!’
Lynn and Angel

Photo of my beautiful clients and me by Alison Stewart Photography
Byron Bay Doula Anna Murray

Group Byron Bay Hypnobirthing Weekend Course (4/5 of December 2021)

Currently 3 spots left

In our small group course run over 2 days you will learn the complete Hypnobirthing Approach to a Positive Childbirth & Early Parenthood. You will feel prepared for a calm and informed birth, no matter what outcome your birth takes. The course is limited to 5 couples and will be held in the most magical space just outside Newrybar with easy parking onsite.

When? Sat 4th and Sun 5th of December 2021, from 9am – 3pm

Where? Brooklet (Newrybar, 15 mins from Byron Bay)

When is the best time to do the course? The recommended time to do a course with me is between 20-36 weeks of gestation but I’ll support you in your journey no matter how far along you are.

Investment? $600 for you & your partner. A $150 deposit is required to secure a spot with the remainder due 2 weeks prior to the course. Full refund will be given should we be in lockdown on the day of the workshop.

What’s included? Personalised Course, Hypnobirthing E-Book, Beautiful Birth Mantra Cards, Access to our Online Client Area, 7 MP3s, Birth Affirmations, Birth Plan Template, Birth Print-outs, Essential Oil for Labour, healthy snacks, water & tea and my phone/ text support until your birth. There will be a 1 hour lunch break and Newrybar with its cute cafe and shops is only a 5 min drive.

What will you learn? Please scroll down to ‘Complete Hypnobirthing Course’ Content

To secure your spot please email Anna or call 0415 401742

Byron Bay Hypnobirthing Group Workshop Space

The Short Hypnobirthing Workshop (~3 hours)

This mini version is such a great workshop for parents who would like to feel better prepared and excited about their birth but don’t want to spend the entire amount of the Complete Hypnobirthing Course. It is also great for those who may have done a different course in a previous pregnancy and need a refresher. Please note that the complete course is most suitable for couples who have had an unpleasant experience in a previous birth and need debriefing.

Our workshop will teach you the basics of Hypnobirthing and will leave you feeling confident in using natural pain coping & self-hypnosis techniques during labour and make informed decisions no matter how your birth unfolds.

We will touch on the following topics in our Hypnobirthing Workshop:

  • What is Hypnobirthing?
  • The body – mind connection
  • The importance of Birth Hormones
  • How you can keep your body and mind calm during labour
  • Hypnobirthing Breathing Techniques
  • Brief Overview The Stages of Labour and Birth Physiology
  • Hands On Birth Partner Support
  • Birth Specific Massage Techniques
  • Creating a Birth ‘Plan’
  • Your rights & options within the Australian maternity care system
  • What to do if you hear ‘You are not allowed!” during birth
  • BRAINS = decision making tool

The Hypnobirthing Workshop Investment

Private 3-3.5 hour course of 1:1 teaching in Byron Bay or at your home (no extra charge within 15km of Byron), access to our client area, complete Hypnobirthing Manual, 3x MP3s

$370 for you and your partner,

To book your course please email Anna or call 0415 401742

The Complete Hypnobirthing Course (~8 hours)

The Complete Hypnobirthing Course is a thorough and well researched Birth Education Program which will prepare you for a positive and empowering birth experience.

My private Hypnobirthing Courses can be run at my Workshop Space in Byron Bay or in your home, whatever suits you best. The advantage of doing a private course is that we can schedule our sessions around your availability, for example 2x 4 hours, 3x 2.5/3 hr sessions or even 4×2 hr ones after work, and that you will feel comfortable with bringing up any questions, ideas and even fears with me. The recommended time to do a course with me is between 20-34 weeks of gestation but I’ll support you in your journey no matter how far along you are.

Some of the things that you will learn in our Complete Hypnobirthing Course:

  • Choosing your right care provider
  • How to navigate through the ‘system’ so that you feel empowered to make informed choices and speak up for yourself
  • The impact your hormones & environment have on your birth outcome
  • The stages of labour and how you might feel
  • Hypnobirthing breathing techniques and mind work
  • Active labour and birth postures
  • How your partner can feel confident in supporting you with hands-on techniques including pressure point massage
  • Rebozo Technique
  • Fear releasing activities including debrief of previous birth experience if applicable
  • How you can prepare your body for birth
  • The pros and cons of pain medication during labour
  • Natural “induction”
  • What happens if your circumstances change
  • Your rights & options within the Australian maternity care system
  • What to do if you hear ‘You are not allowed!” during birth
  • BRAIN – a fantastic decision making tool
  • Creating your birth ‘plan’ ~ preferences
  • Postpartum support including breastfeeding, baby’s needs in the 4th trimester and sleep
  • The first ’40 days’ after birth

The Complete Hypnobirthing Course Investment

Private 8 hour course of 1:1 teaching in Byron Bay or in your home (no extra charge within 15 km of Byron), access to our client area, complete Hypnobirthing eManual, Birth Mantra Cards, 7x MP3s and my ongoing support via phone/text until after your birth

$740 for you and your partner (payment plans available)

To book your course please email Anna or call 0415 401742


Birralee and Paul, Lennox Head

Anna was so helpful in the lead up and preparation to our birth. My partner and I did a one on one course with Anna, who reminded me of my own power and assisted in reprogramming subconscious beliefs. Anna’s course was so helpful for my partner, who previously held very fear based beliefs around birth. He was able to step into his role and support me beautifully throughout my labour and birth. I ended up free-birthing at home in the shower before the midwifes could arrive, a raw and potent experience, relying heavily on the tools and techniques Anna taught. — You’ll forever play a part in our peaceful and powerful birth story Anna, thank you.

Carla and Carlos, Byron Bay

Me and my partner took the hypnobirthing course with Anna in preparation for Kai’s arrival. I believe now that it was one of the most important investements we made! We felt truly prepared and calm for birth knowing what to expect and how to ride the swell. My partner was really confident and gave me the energy and assurance I needed. With the journey being a bit of a roller coaster, I felt supported and cared by Anna like a friend. Her warmth, calmness, smile and knowledge helped us get through a couple of bumps. The birth was beautiful and powerful. Even it didn’t go all as we planned, I felt strong and empowered and it was the most magical and wild experience of our lives.

Lucy and Lynden, Brisbane

My partner and I recently did the short hypnobirthing class via zoom and I can honestly say it is the most invaluable thing we have done throughout this entire pregnancy!My partner feels super empowered from it, and knows the tools he can use to best assist me in labour. Anna has boosted my confidence going into for our birth for being prepared for whatever may happen. I cannot thank Anna enough for her way of opening our eyes to what is possible in having a calm & positive birth. I can’t wait to give her feedback after we put her tools in action!

Anna and Will, Byron Bay

We did a BabyMoon hypnobirth course with Anna and absolutely loved it. From the moment we met her we felt comfortable and supported, she is a genuinely caring person with lots of valuable tips and resources to help you be the most prepared possible for labour and delivery.

We believe this course completely changed our approach towards labour and gave us powerful tools to overcome our fears and worries. We learnt how to cope with the pain and how to be supportive as a partner, to know our options at each stage, to be confident and believe in our power to birth our baby safely, and to be open to changes in our birth plan if things didn’t go as planned. Our labour was very long and we are confident we wouldn’t have managed to stay strong and have a natural birth if we didn’t have all those tools which Anna provided. Not everything went to plan but we didn’t stress over it since we were prepared to accept changes. To us this course has been invaluable

To book your course please email Anna or call 0415 401742

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