Byron Bay Birth Preparation & Antenatal Classes

Private Birth Preparation Classes that empower you to feel prepared & excited to birth your baby and feel confident in choosing a different path if your journey changes.

Byron Bay and Zoom

Preparing for your upcoming birth and parenthood will make you feel confident and empowered to have a positive experience. In our Birth Preparation and Antenatal Classes in Byron Bay, you will learn how to birth your baby the way YOU want. What’s the difference between my Birth

If you like to find out more about my offerings I’d love to have a chat with you. Please contact me on 0415401742 or email me here

About your Birth Preparation Workshop

I understand that every woman/couple has different needs and expectations. I completely personalise our 3.5-4 hours one-on-one Antenatal Class for you. The aim of our session is to give you a greater understanding of the birthing process itself and equip you with lots of coping strategies for a natural and positive birth experience.

Please contact Anna on or 0415 401742 to discuss your preferences and class availability. I offer sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, evening classes also available. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your partner (if you have one) is just as important as you during the birth preparation class. We will practice lots of things he/she can do to support you during birth. He/she will also receive a 1 page cheat sheet which will be really helpful during labour.

What you will learn in your Antenatal Class:

Here are some, but not all, of the things you will learn during your class with Anna, a certified Doula, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, and mum of 3:

  • How to rewire your brain to feel positive about birthing;
  • Identifying your ideal birthing preferences;
  • The 3 stages of labour and what decisions you may have to make
  • Importance of hormones during labour;
  • Hands-on partner support;
  • What if your labour doesn’t go to ‘Plan’;
  • Acupressure for labour
  • What to expect when your baby has arrived: Breastfeeding, emotional wellbeing and sleep;

You will also learn Natural Pain Coping Techniques including:

  • Specific breathing techniques for labour;
  • Active birthing positions;
  • Benefits of water and heat
  • Birth specific massage techniques;
  • Positive affirmations & mindfulness;

Birth Preparation Workshop in Byron Bay

Our Birth Education Class will be held here in Byron Bay at our Workshop Space in a very relaxed and safe environment. I want you to feel really comfortable with everything we discuss on the day. Prior to your Birth Preparation Session you’ll complete a short & confidential questionnaire so that I can customise our workshop for you.

2021 Investment Birth Preparation Session

Personalised 3.5-4 hours 1:1 Birth Education Classes: $350

Please contact Anna on or 0415 401742 to discuss your preferences and class availability. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in attending my Hypnobirthing Course please click


Natasha and Tyson, Toowoomba

“We had our baby girl last night and I honestly could not thank you enough for helping me with techniques for how to deal in labour. I breathed my way through my contractions and I couldn’t have asked for a better labour. I honestly had the most amazing experience!’

Rebecca & Kris, Gold Coast

” Anna’s course was so helpful in providing me and my husband  with the knowledge and skills that we needed to achieve the birth that we dreamed of. Any fears we had, faded away. I know hands down that I would not have been able to have a natural water birth with only gas as pain relief without the techniques that we learnt and practised with you. The breathing techniques especially helped me immensely and Kris having that knowledge meant that he could take over and count the breathing for me when the pain became too much and I couldn’t focus on the counting myself. I am feeling so unbelievably positive about my birth experience and on cloud 9 with my little man.

Jessica & Thomas, Gold Coast

‘Anna’s Birth Education Weekend was by far the best investment my partner and I made during pregnancy. At around 28 weeks the fear of labour was setting in and I am sure many women can relate…. The Antenatal Class with Anna herself, left me personally feeling so empowered to give birth and my partner with all the knowledge to help support me/us during labour. I am extremely grateful for the experience and believe this is something I would highly suggest for any couple no matter if this is your first birth or if you have previously given birth. Thank you Anna for being such a beautiful soul and facilitating such a wonderful education session.’

Kara & Alaine, Byron Bay

“I just want to say thank you for your beautiful birth preparation class! We both feel more comfortable and confident for what is about to happen. We are so grateful we had the opportunity to even go to your class! Thank you so much x’

Maja & Khai, Gold Coast

‘Dear Anna, we just wanted to say Thank You so much again for helping us have a positive birth experience. The birth went so well, and I was able to keep active throughout it. All your advice and guidance was incredibly helpful.
Khai was amazing through it and used the techniques you showed him, using positive affirmations, massage and etc.
Thankyou so much again 💕💕💕’

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