About Byron Babymoon

My name is Anna and I am the founder of Byron Babymoon. I am so lucky to have given birth to 3 three beautiful little boys and I get to call the town of Byron Bay in NSW, Australia, my home. After I felt so incredibly supported, respected and nurtured during my last 2 pregnancies & births I decided to follow my dream. I now help other couples have the same positive pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience and I love my work so much.

If you like to find out more about me I’d be so happy to have a chat with you. Please call me on 0415401742 or email me here

Anna, Owner Operator of Byron Bay Baymoon and Doula services

I really believe every woman has a right to feel empowered and supported during her birth experience, no matter what type of birth she has. As a fully certified Birth Doula I offer support during pregnancy, birth & early motherhood. I also run Hypnobirthing Courses and regular babymoon holidays for expecting mums and dads in Byron Bay. We provide a nurturing retreat with great accommodation and personalised pregnancy & birth support. You will leave feeling relaxed but also educated & empowered to have a positive birth experience. 

My birth story

When I fell pregnant with my first child I thought birth was scary.  Family, TV and stories had framed my mindset and made me believe childbirth pain needed to be suppressed immediately. I didn’t really prepare for my birth, but I assumed I’d just leave it up to the medical professionals to tell me what to do. My only coping techniques were pain killers. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out so well for me and left me feeling defeated, alone and powerless as a new mum. 14 months later, pregnant again and even more terrified, I started working with a Doula. Over time I started feeling excited, calm and prepared for my next birth experience. I knew my rights within the maternity system and potential options available, should my birth not go to plan. It was the most incredible experience of my life and shortly after I trained as a Doula and Birth Educator. 

Psychology and Birth go Hand in Hand

I have previously studied Psychology and worked in preventative Mental & Physical Health. Working in this industry taught me so many valuable life lessons. The most important one being ‘Where the mind goes, the body follows’! And what a true statement for birthing that is….

I would love to hear from you if you are thinking about having a Birth Doula, would like to attend Birth Preparation Classes in Byron Bay or are dreaming of a Babymoon Retreat.

Please call me on 0415401742 or email me here

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