What does a Doula do?

The official description of a Birth Doula's role is to be your companion, who supports you and your partner during pregnancy, labour and post partum.

I believe a Doula is so much more. Obviously, I can only speak for myself, but I truly believe that a Doula is like having a best friend by your side, supporting you emotionally and physically during your journey . She won't judge, she won't share her unwanted opinion, she won't get impatient with you no matter how often you bring up your feelings. She will never stop believing in your strength or your ability to birth your baby.

A doula isn't just helpful for mums - a doula supports the whole family. I absolutely love empowering dads to be a really important part of the birth experience by giving them tools to help mum in labour and feeling confident in their birth journey, no matter how it unfolds. If you already have older children a doula can support them in the early stages of labour at home, before you head to the hospital, or if you are planning a home birth, throught the birth of your baby.

A Doula is also really helpful in making sure your birth intentions are respected during labour and help you navigate through any decisions you need to make, if your plan changes.

A Doula is not a trained midwife and cannot make any medical recommendations or diagnose conditions. A Doula is a trained Birth Support Person who can help you feel confident about birth and she is there to hold you every moment of your journey.