What is a Babymoon?

A Babymoon has 2 different meanings. I can be a nurturing getaway by yourself or with your partner before your baby arrives. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect, relax and perhaps spoil yourself with a pregnancy massage. At Byron Babymoon we decided to make your holiday extra special by adding a personalised and private Hypnobirthing Course to your trip. You'll not only feel super relaxed after your Babymoon, but also really excited and confident to birth your baby your way. You can read more about our special Babymoon Packages here.

A Babymoon can also refer to the time after your birth, especially the first 40 days. Rather than "bouncing back" straight after birth, new mums are encouraged to sleep, rest, bond with baby, limit visitors and any household duties. This post-partum Babymoon is a beautiful time to ease into motherhood, help with your physical and emotional recovery, which is said to reduce the likelihood of Post Partum Depression. You can read more about the First 40 Days here.